Spring is rising in me like sap in a resting tree: Exhilerating, superexciting and sweet, and I am in love with the season..! Spring has always been my favourite ( althoguh I vaguely remember saying that about autumn too…) and I love how it all is slowly coming to life. This year so much is sprouting for me ; This homepage has been resting in the ground during winter, slowly soaking up the nutrition needed, brewing brewing and now finally sprouting into life! The wheel in the pottery is turning fast, and freshly fired cups pop up every week like flowerheads through the permafrost.

The garden emerges again as our extended living room , and we speak about ducks, hens and compost…our soil is rich and life is returning….           I feel much like a wild horse on it’s way to be let loose in a green meadow – so much so,  I have to reel her in, stop and breathe, relish relish the moment before the rollercoaster of summer is here, sweeping me away on a wave filled with much much so much…I’ll start longing for autumn! : )

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