Keeping the monsters at bay[column2]Seven years ago I recorded an album with my songs together with Thomas Falk and Ellen Molnia. The days in the studio with them was magical and out came ”Singing Earth” a sweet collection of songs that with their help really blossomed. I am currently in the making of a new album that hopefully will be ready in spring 2017! [/column2]


Review from Nataraj Records: Kenia reaches into her devotion and simple love of the earth and draws forth songs and melodies that catches and reveals the magic in our lives. Her voice is true and clear, the music rich and full and somehow she manages to combine simplicity with sincerity to create something alive, fresh and original. It is honest, heartfelt and alive music that survives the cynicism of our entertainment soaked age and offers instead a hearth to draw up to in the cold.[/column2_last]


Take me home

I choose to believe

Early in the morning

Come on grace

Lake Queen

I am eternal light

In this mystery of life

Keeping the monsters at bay



”The birds of miracle take wing about you, Rising in great flocks at every footstep you take throguh this garden of light”. /Ben Bushill

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