Living a creative life makes my heart sing!

My name is Kenia Ytterman and I live with my man Ben Bushill and our three daughters by  lake Hällungen 40 min north of Gothenburg, in Ucklum. Here, in our forest garden lies my magical hideaway; a sweet little studio that Ben built me three years ago. It is a fantastical little place, designed for pure creativity, and here I withdraw and put my feet up -alternatively create whatever it is I feel drawn to at the moment! It might be a shape that wants to be born as a sculpture, a poem that wants to be painted, feelings that need to be sung….I find my inspiration mostly in the ordinary miracles of everyday life and the wonder of nature…the soft simple relationship between all things, connecting us in a magic web of life.  Alongside with my art & music I work as a drama & arts teacher at Kulturskolan in Stenungsund. Welcome to my home page and blog!

”Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about…Say yes quickly, if you know, if you’ve known it before the beginning of the universe”. /Jalai ud-Din Rumi


photo by Mikaela Larm

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