”Kenia took me on a journey to the roots of my voice and challenged my self image with hilarious exercises. A beautiful combination of fun and depth. Warmly recommended!” Paula, Stockholm


[column2_last]To sing freely is magical and healing…to find your own voice, your own sound, is like finding a big treasure inside which you might not have known existed! Through playful voice exercises and free singing – beyond words and set melodies – you effortlessly dive into new dimensions of sound, enabling a deep inner journey with your own voice. This workshop is a doorway to a new way of being with your voice, revealing the magical inner place where the free song is born.For info about coming workshops check out the event page!

”Kenias workshop touched me very deeply. It was as if it awoke something very ancient in me. The whole journey was just amazing.. Really magic! It was if my true self got to express itself. It also gave me a new tool to express my feelings!” /Annette Myrvang Rennesund, Oslo

”It’s the most fun, relaxing and joyfull thing I’ve done in years!” /Anna Fernhout, Holland

”Vilken fantastisk workshop! Tack för vacker guidning och inspiration! ”Jessica Odén, Coach, Stockholm”


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