Ten years ago me and Ben moved to the enchanted valley of Lake Hällungen.This is where we have created our home and life. A community has slowly been building up here, and here lives so many interesting people, with fantastic visions, I’d just love to share them with you all!  Hällmarken is the land upon which we live. It is beaches, forests, creeks and fields; community land run by lots of lovely people. Cross the river and you come to Solhälla.A flowering course centre where you can enjoy many different kinds of courses led by as well local as international teachers.Here lives amongst others an incredible talanted Hula hoop artist!  This is also the site for the yummy One Heart Festival that is run every summer!  Next doors to that is Hållbar hälsa, with Farmshop and Eco Cafe; Solgläntan. This is community living organic style!

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